At The Point we serve experiences to nourish body and soul. A summer lunch, a black tie dinner or a breakfast in front of the sunrise, within a design ecosystem embraced by the most intimate and harmonious Mediterranean coast. We use quality raw materials, seasonal products and secret recipes for you to explore the charm of our dishes.

Our menu covers the most global gastronomic concepts, from Mediterranean rice dishes to Peruvian ceviche, culminating in our two great skills: artisan sushi and Argentinean grill. Travel through our world of flavours with the best sparkling, red, white and rosé wines.


Sophisticated architecture, organic flavours and innovative emotions. At The Point we follow the notions of traditional Japanese cuisine to prepare our handmade sushi pieces. Enjoy the freshness of our makis, niguiris, sashimis and rolls as an appetizer or as a main course.


Feel the mix with another house classic. Refresh your days with our menu of homemade cocktails, both spiritous and non-alcoholic, made with the art and expertise of our master mixers.

From classic mojitos with tender mint leaves to bubbly sangrias with cava. Our tonics are inspired by the glamour of our land and the energy of the tropical spirit.

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